June 23, 1974

The Time on God's Clock

Tags: 2 Peter 3, Time, Second Coming, Delay, Scoffers, Patience, Evil
September 22, 1974

The Orthodoxy of the Devil

Tags: James 2, Devil, Satan, Fear, Repentance, Evil, Belief, Faith
October 27, 1974

Getting Things from God

Tags: James 4, Prayer, Request, Petition, Intercession
January 5, 1975

Things I Surely Know

Tags: Job 19, Assurance, Certainty, Victory, Redemption, Salvation
December 28, 1975

My Favorite Text

Tags: Isaiah 40, Bible, Scripture, Bibliology, Inspiration, Favorite
February 15, 1976

Look and Live

Tags: Isaiah 45, Faith, Idolatry, Salvation, Conversion, Spurgeon
April 18, 1976

The Cross and the Crown

Tags: Isaiah 53, Cross, Crown, Prophecy, Easter, Suffering, Hope, Death
September 14, 1980

Ishmael: Islam and the Oil Slick

Tags: Genesis 16, Ishmael, Mohammed, Israel, Islam
June 10, 1985

Whether We Live or Die (SBC)

Tags: Nahum, SBC, Liberalism, Conservative, Secular Humanism, Conference
June 13, 1988

The Curse of Liberalism (SBC)

Tags: SBC, Liberalism, Secularism, Humanism, Baptist, Witness, Conference
November 6, 1996

Library Tour-Sermon Prep

Tags: Dr. Criswell, Biographical, Sermon Preparation, Preaching
February 3, 1998

The Old Time Religion

Tags: Acts 8, Tradition, Faith, Testimony, Church, Bible